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The Mastiffs come in apricot-fawn, dark fawn-bridle and silver –fawn .The one litter can compose of puppies of different colours. The colour that you choose is a matter of what you really prefer most but just in case you are highly interested in a specific puppy, you will realise that some breeders would more likely breed Mastiffs in a certain color so that it becomes a factor in deciding the kind of breeders you approach. Something you should know is that not all puppies that you see are all brindles since they are mostly dark. Even the fawn Mastiffs will be black when they are given birth.
Whether you are looking for a dog or bitch it depends on the personal preference of the person. The bitches are generally smaller than the dogs thus you have room to decide if you will get a bitch since it is easier to handle physically. But there are also lots of bitches both smaller and large hence there is no guarantee of the size of the puppy you select.
Show dog or companion
If you are looking to purchasing a Mastiff for display, then you will require to go for the ones that are sold in show quality as compared to the companion only. There must not be any difference when looking at the health of the puppy in respect to whether it is as a family companion or a show dog. One key difference that can be seen is that the breeder may have selected some puppies to be of show quality based on cosmetic reasons. A breeder may choose to mark a puppy as a companion quality taking into note that its muzzle is a little long in comparison to rest of the head or it has a longer fur than usual. But a puppy that is being sold as the companion needs to be recognised as the Mastiff. Some type of breeders may only choose to sell puppies that they decide not to keep for the companions. Puppies that are sold as companions are normally placed at low prices as compared to the show quality ones and need to be on the Limited Register.
Breeders may further require you to sign a contract agreeing to have the puppy de-sexed at a certain age. In case you think you may wish to breed your Mastiff in the future, you need to purchase a show quality dog and it needs to be recorded on the Main Register, not Limited Register.
One thing that you need to know about breeding – Mastiffs are not easy to breed with and the costs of breeding are quite high. However, do not expect that you will be able to recover some of the money you have spent on your dog through breeding with it and also selling the puppies. A person who has ever bred a litter of Mastiff puppies will agree that in whole financial terms, they are running at a huge loss.
Whether you want to acquire a Mastiff “with papers”, the obvious answer is always yes but it needs to be the correct sort of papers. There two kinds of “papers “.The first type is the pedigree that usually shows the parents and grandparents of a dog that goes back to three generations. The next type is the registration paper. This certifies that the dog in question is registered by one of the canine groups in Australia.
To get registered, the dog needs to be a pure breed dog and it must be possible to trace its breeding three generations back. Therefore all registrations certificates also have to show the dog’s pedigree going back in three generations.
One of the only ways to be sure that the puppy you are about to purchase is pure breed Mastiff is through purchasing a breed that is a registered dog. Any dog can possess the pedigree and it further can be pure bred and not registered.
Thus one best way to be sure that you have a pure bred is to always look for the registration papers not just a pedigree.
In case you have fears on whether the puppy you are buying is registered, you can contact the association.
How to find a breeder for The English Mastiff
Always ensure that you never buy a puppy from the pet shop. Try and purchase your puppy from a breeder who is recorded with the canine association in your state. Breeders that are registered need to follow a certain code of ethics that protects their well- being of the dogs they use, the health of the puppies they breed and you the purchaser. The registered breeders are currently not permitted to sell their dogs to the pet shops that you will not find the puppies from the registered breeders in pet shops. In case you seem to doubt the registration status of your breeder then you can call the canine association and check.
The Mastiff Club of Victoria Inc. may send a list of members that breed Mastiffs. All the breeders found on the list are always registered. The canine association that is found in your state have also the ability to refer to all your breeders in your state. One other way to make contact with your breeders is through attending shows where the Mastiffs will be exhibited. Through this you will have the opportunity to talk with different Mastiff breeders and the owners of the breeders. You will get the chance to see some of their dogs. The Shows are normally held frequently and you shall have the chance to get the details of when and which place they will be held through contacting the Mastiff Club of the Vitoria Inc. Or even the canine Association in your state.
What a breeder do for you?
All breeders need to be registered via their states canine control body. Each of the body possesses a set of rules and regulations which breeders need to comply with. The simplest way is to check the rules and also check at the perspective states canine control bodies’ website. The following points act as the general guide to what you should get:
1. A vaccination certificate that shows vaccinations that are provided, when the next ones are due and this evidence of the puppy’s age.
2. ANKC Registration Certificate (papers)
3. When it was last treated for the worms and the way it needs to be treated in future.
4. A feeding chart
5. Information on the puppy’s likely nature, temperament, its size and needs.
6. Details of any hereditary disease or other health issues that are known to the breeder.
7. Information on responsible pet ownership, how to take care of the puppy and how to manage his exercise, shelter, fencing, socialization etc.

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